asbestos training exeter

Asbestos Training & Asbestos Courses in Exeter

asbestos training exeter

Industry Asbestos Training Ltd (IAT) is a sister company to CAS and specialises in all areas of asbestos related training, from general awareness, to removal and full understanding and compliance of the regulations at management level.

IAT offers a variety of asbestos training courses written in accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR 2012) and all other associated legislation.

Courses are provided for all individual industry skilled sectors from operative level through to management. IAT is keen to tailor each individual course to the specific training requirements of the client to ensure maximum benefit of the training is received within this heavily regulated industry.

IAT is happy to include any internal corporate working procedures which employees are required to follow, to ensure a complete understanding of their requirements and responsibilities within their job roles.

Asbestos Courses

IAT offers a wide range of asbestos-based courses, which are carried out at their Mid-Devon and North Devon Training Centres by industry specialists. Some aspects of the syllabuses require onsite training. Below is an overview of the main courses at IAT. Click on the courses for further information: